A leader in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Plumbing Products in Kosovo
with an experience of over 25 years, we make sure that our clients find a trustworthy partner in us.
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A moderately big company with a specialized staff of salespeople, engineers, consultants, installers and technicians.
A pridefully family-owned business
Every project, starting from a small house/apartment and up to large commercial buildings are treated by us the same way as our homes. Every project is thoroughly detailed, planned and executed to the closest detail as we believe that the beauty is in the details.
Our Partners
A new product at Meritaterm!
One of the most reputable Japanese companies, Daikin, has combined the latest technologies and most optimized processes to put out the latest product, a top-notch quality steel panel radiator under the name Airfel Radiators. From early 2018 this product has hit our store and is available in various sizes and dimensions.
Official Distributor for Kosovo
A product for every living environment!
Considering the well designed product with the highest quality in the market, the Daikin-Airfel steel panel radiator is an essential product for your house, apartment or office.
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