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VRF Systems
Sisteme VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) mini SMMSe Residenciale
Pellet Boilers
Sisteme peleti për kaldatore komerciale nga 80 deri 500 kW
Solid Fuel Boilers
Sisteme me djegie universale dru/qymyr nga 80 deri 1000 kW
Other Components
Ventila, kolektorë, gyp, radiatorë etj.
Heat Pumps/Chillers
Makina ftohëse (chiller) nga 30 deri 130 kW
Fan Coil
Njësi të brendshme Fan Coil VRF dhe me ujë nga prodhues të ndryshëm
VRF Systems
Jack of all trades, flexible
For residential and commercial buildings, Toshiba offers a wide range of products for heating and air conditioning. Indoor units that are designed for residential buildings are suitable for installation in any interior configuration and are able to create comfortable surroundings. For small commercial application, Toshiba offers high performance and high efficiency products.

For heavy thermal loads, Toshiba combines flexibility, high efficiency and easily blending-to-interior products by offering different options for indoor units.

The innovative evolution of many components and controllers achieve optimal balance of temperature and humidity while simultaneously reaching maximal energy efficiency, low operational costs and low CO2 emition.

This system is available from 8HP (25.0kW) to 54HP (171.0kW)

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Pellet Boilers
Ecological, functional and effective

Pellet boilers are one of the most versatile heating source in hydronic systems. YLLITERM boilers in combination with BMAX pellet burners offer one of the best cost-effective and ecological choices for large commercial and industrial applications.

Only the best materials are chosen to produce this type of the system, backed by tests and certificates issued by certified testers. This system is available with heating capacity 80kW to 500kW. For smaller heating systems, please visit our residential section.

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Solid Fuel Boilers
Cheaper solution, high efficiency
YTU Heating boiler which uses solid fuel is a boiler that is suitable for small, medium and large buildings, depending of the heating capacity of the boiler. It is considered as a great choice based on its high efficiency and quick temperature reaching ability. Since the boiler has a small burning chamber, it is capable of reaching high level of efficiency and it exhausts minimal amount of fumes.

This type of boiler is made of high quality steel capable of withstanding high temperatures and it satisfies all modern European standards. It is easily installed in the desired location. The boiler is designed in such a way that is fits the interior of the building, it is thermally insulated and it is certified by TÜV Rheinland Hellas with CE certificate. For commercial and industrial applications, this boiler is available 80kW to 1000kW. For residential applications, please visit the residential section.

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Other Components
Flexibility, a wide range of products
In this category, we provide our clients with every HVAC and plumbing equipment needed for a system to work properly.

Manifolds, ball valves, pipes, radiator valves, copper fitting and many different necessary elements can be found in this category. All the products founded here are of great quality and from well-known producers. For more information, please visit the catalogue section where you can find all the HVAC and plumbing elements listed accordingly. For technical data, please visit customer support or contact us by clicking on the button below.
Heat Pumps/Chillers
Slick design, easily installed
Heat pumps/Chillers from CHIGO are perfect ideal heating sources in low
variation of temperature regions. What makes CHIGO system great is that, being a cost effective solution, is an easy choice for small buildings like private houses to big commercial and industrial buildings.

CHIGO heat pumps/chillers incorporate “Copeland” compressors, a well-known brand in HVAC industry, making CHIGO systems more reliable and a lifelong solution. By implementing cutting edge technology to their components, to high tech technologies such as defrosting and low frequent temperature dilatation, CHIGO’s equipment reach top level efficiency. This system is available in 30kW, 65kW and 130kW. For more information, please click the button below.:
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Fan Coil
Premium, low noise
In addition to heat sources (heat pumps and chillers), we also offer indoor units such as: cassette type fan coils, ducted units (low to high static pressure),console, etc.

Four way cassette type fan coils which blow the treated air in four ways and also the round flow cassette type fan coils are perfect solution for commercial application such as offices, where the air circulation must be kept as simple as possible. For more complicated and huge areas, the best choices are ducted units which can be coupled with ducts for better air circulation.

Each fan coil unit comes with its remote or wired controller (to be installed on the wall), adjusting the desired temperature for each unit.

This wide range of fan coil units are available from 2.5kW to 17.6kW, depending on which type and producer the client prefers.

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