We are the main location in Kosova for HVAC equipment
with over 25 YEARS experience!
About Us:
A moderately big company with a specialized staff of salespeople, engineers, consultants, installers and technicians.

A pridefully family-owned business

We have been in the business for nearly 30 years.

Our company was founded in 1992 and started as a very small shop in Bujanovc. We have operated in Bujanovc until the end of 1999 and continued our business activity with opening another office in 2000 in Prishtina where we eventually moved our entire business. As a part of our expansion strategy, in 2003 we opened our central heating boiler production factory Ylliterm in Lipjan with more than 3000m2 of production area and another 2000m2 of storage area and in 2011 we built our main offices in Prishtina where we are presently located. Based in Prishtina, Kosova - soon to expand Every project, starting from a small house/apartment and up to large commercial buildings are treated by us the same way as our homes. Every project is thoroughly detailed, planned and executed to the closest detail as we believe that the beauty is in the details. Our customer support is always available for advice for our present and prospective clients tirelessly.
Being a family business, one of our core values is the way we treat our clients and employees. Everyone at Meritaterm is considered a part of a bigger family that is always there for each other.
We always try to buy directly from manufacturers and fight hard for a bargain so we can pass that down to our clients, offering them the best prices while keeping top-notch quality.   We have a close cooperation with, and sell premium products from globally known manufacturers such as: Giacomini, Carrier, Toshiba, Fondital, Sime, Bmax.

By being an official distributor to the aforementioned brands, we sell HVAC equipment that can be found locally only at our office and store. The quality of the equipment we sell is uncanny and backed by vast numbers of certificates of conformity, quality and efficiency. Having the opportunity and possibility to trade in such high quality materials enables us to stand by our products and clients alike.
Our Services:
Being a professional company in the HVAC field, we offer the following services for our clients: sales, HVAC system design and installation.
Salespeople ready to offer first-class material and components for HVAC systems starting from small residential systems up to large commercial buildings.
Effective team of installers and technicians always willing to get their hands on simple or complex systems.
Professional staff of system designers with access to the latest design software to deliver the most complete results.